Energy Use

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A pan-India survey of more than 5,000 urban households was conducted in 2017. In addition to many socio-economic indicators, this survey sought information on appliance ownership and usage as well. The outcomes of ownership-usage information from the survey are reflected in the scatter chart below. Based on survey information and appliance data available, Heating and Cooling products, and Kitchen appliances have higher energy footprint in a household. Although some products have high energy use, their ownership is limited. Considering ownership as well, national urban household footprint is highest for Air-Conditioner, followed by Refrigerators and Ceiling Fans. The finding underscores India’s growing needs for Cooling appliances.

Ownership & Energy Use by Appliance

(based on survey data)

Energy Use Distribution by End-Use for a Sample Household

(based on 1Yr monitored data)

Seasonal Variation in Refrigerator Compressor Operations

(based on 1Yr monitored data)